Strategic management of business with intellectual property (IP) tools for rapid top-line growth



As a consultant and business coach, my mission is to 1) assist clients develop and execute actionable business strategy, in today's fast moving environment, with intellectual property ( IP ) tools to improve profitable top-line growth, including opportunity patenting, IP licensing, acquisition, commercialization or manufacturing and 2) provide on-the-job coaching to the staff while working with them on organization or strategic growth issues.

Clients come to us because they want an experienced and highly credentialed person to work alongside of their business or technical staff.

Terms of agreement are flexible and custom designed to client's needs. The potential benefits include:
   - Improved profitable top-line growth for the clients
   - Improved ROI of patent and R&D portfolio(s)
   - Better competitive cost position
   - Better functioning organization
   - Unification of focus for executive leadership
     to sharpen research, marketing and message

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Kewal K. Likhyani, Ph.D; CLP
President and Executive Advisor
IP2Revenues, LLC
180 Thompson Drive,
Hockessin, DE 19707 (USA)302-252-5056( mobile )

The founding President, a Ph-D chemical engineer, Dr. Kewal K. Likhyani, is a former DuPont director of Licensing & joint-ventures, and a Patent Fellow at DuPont with over 37 years years hands-on experience in the area of R&D, market development, competitive business analysis, manufacturing, Intellectual Property ( IP ) development and monetization via licensing, commercialization or sale of IP portfolio (s). Dr. Likhyani is a certified Licensing Professiona ( CLP ) by the Licensing Executve Society of USA and Canada ( LES ).


IP2R was founded by the President, Dr. Likhyani and incorporated in Delaware in September 2004 after he retired from DuPont, as a Director of Licensing & Joint-Ventures and a patent fellow, with 37+ years of experience in R&D, intellectual property (IP) management/ Licensing / business development and negotiating multi-million dollars deals world-wide. Dr. Likhyani is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) by the Licensing Executive Society of USA and Canada (LES).


The IP2R proprietary process, developed over many years, features data mining and interviews with key stakeholders ( management, marketing, technical, legal---) which allow a realistic assessment / development of  strategic business and IP strategy and identification of revenue growth opportunities, and concludes with a documented plan of action moving forward.

Dr. Likhyani personally works with client's staff from day one, so they may takeover the work after the assignment is finished.


IP2R specializes in harvesting growth opportunities for bottom line revenue through strategic intellectual property(IP) management, R&D,  licensing, commercialization, M&A, or forming alliances.

Typically, IP2R clients have used IP2R's services to identify market opportunities for their IP, or take a fresh look at their business, R&D and intellectual property (IP) portfolio and develop an winnable strategy for revenue growth, including monetizing or procuring outside IP assets, and assisting in negotiations.  


1) Do data mining and Interview  key stakeholders ( management, marketing, technical, legal---) at their headquarters, R&D and plant sites, which allow a realistic  assessment/ development of IP  strategy and identification of growth opportunities.

2) Identify synergistic technologies to complement internal Research and development efforts. The benefits include faster time to market, reduced costs and strong protection of IP assets.

3) Monetize ancillary patents developed outside of core businesses.

4) Mentor / Train your staff, specifically, as it pertains  to processes, and best practices in the intellectual  property space.

5) Formulate actionable intellectual property licensing  and aquisition plans to achieve top line revenue growth.

6) Generate revenue growth through licensing technology to emerging economies such as India and China.

7) Negotiate deals for our clients world-wide. 


IP2R clients benefit from increased top line growth, improved return on investment from IP and R&D portfolios along with increased focus for executive leadership on utilizing intellectual property to enhance sales, marketing and operations.