Strategic management of business with intellectual property (IP) tools for rapid top-line growth


IP2R is incorporated in Delaware and was founded by the president, Dr. Kewal K. Likhyani who has over 37 years of extensive experience at DuPont in R&D, intellectual property (IP) management, licensing, commercialization or sale of IP portfolios.


Currently, we are not hiring as yet. However, we encourage applicants to file resume with us to let us know of their interests and contributions they could make as employees or alliance partners.


Dr. Kewal K. Likhyani is president and executive advisor for IP2Revenues, LLC. The company provides creative strategic solutions for business growth with intellectual property management, licensing, acquisition or technology commercialization. He is a Ph-D chemical engineer with over 37 years of hands-on experience in R&D, competitive business analysis, manufacturing, intellectual property, technology licensing and commercialization. Dr. Likhyani is a former director of licensing and joint ventures at DuPont and a patent fellow, was responsible for a commercial plant startup, market development, patent filings and procurement, IP strategy, data mining, acquisitions and negotiations. Dr. Likhyani negotiated several multi-million dollar deals on software, biotech, chemicals, polymers and fibers, including with Russians on prosecuting a portfolio of pending patents. Dr. Likhyani also contributed leadership in resolving broader global IP related issues. As a chairman, and working with USPTO, AIPLA and 18 industrial global companies, he led the development of guidelines for authentication of electronic records for legal defensibility. He is a certified licensing professional (CLP) by the Licensing Executive Society of the USA and Canada (LES). He is the past chair of the strategic alliance committee, and of an ad hoc committee on doing business in India and China, is an advisor to the National Intellectual Property Organization of India (NIPO). Dr. Likhyani holds a Ph-D in chemical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute; his thesis was sponsored by IBM at MIT.