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AUGUST 15, 2005

NEWS RELEASED January 25, 2007
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kewal Likhyani, Ph.D
PHONE: 302-239-2113 or 302-252-5056
Wilmington, DE – Dr. Kewal K. Likhyani, President, IP2Revenues, LLC ( IP2R ) announced today that IP2R have reached an agreement with the Indian Innovators Association, based in New Delhi, to be their GLOBAL BUSINESS PARTNER to serve their individual or corporate clients on commercialization of Intellectual Property ( IP ).
IP2R specializes in developing commercializable IP packages and negotiating turn-key deals to rapidly monetize client's IP through sale, commercialization or licensing.
For additional information , please call Dr. Kewal Likhyani at 302-239-2113