Strategic management of business with intellectual property (IP) tools for rapid top-line growth

We think globally and act locally


We understand the profitable top-line growth issues in today's highly competitive global "open innovation" environment. Based on our unique IP2R system, developed and fined tuned over many years, we are energised and passionate about making our clients achieve profitable growth with innovation and IP tools.

We also understand problems associated with strategic IP/ R&D management or commercializing IP rapidly, or why many promising patents/technologies at corporations never get monetized, or why many corporations miss out on capitalizing on the externally available IP, to give R&D or marketing head-start on rapidly bringing new products to market.

Our research has repeatedly shown that in most cases, the growth problems can be traced to corporations not taking full advantage of opportunities which could be created by 1) properly incorporating "Innovation" into business processes, or 2) strategic management of technolgy creation or acquisition for competitive advantage, or 3) adoption of better processes for monetization of intellectul property portfolio(s) to generate cash.

Significant and high value IP capable of making impact globally, all across the board, remain mostly untapped. One or more of the contributing factors generally are: Lack of a coherent "holistic IP strategy, budgetary constraints, lack of capital, inadequate in-house staff with the needed skills-set, global databank of prospects, experience or resources, or uncertainty in promptly finding the right entity or strategic alliance structure, and closing deals.  These problems can easily kill the deals despite many months or years of costly expended effort, which discourages adequate management attention or assigning high priority to monetizing IP.

The common practices of most corporations or universities of just listing patents or technologies on web sites, displaying patents in trade booths, or making at random cold calls produce minimal results, at best.

 Based on our hands-on extensive experience in R&D and commercializing, or licensing IP for over 37 years, we have developed a strong network and global IP commercialization infrastructure, including a system to secure ready access to financing or venture capital, if so needed.

 Additionally, we have built a solid track record from deveoping patentable subject matter to commercialization, and negotiating several multi-million dollars worth of IP deals, or strategic alliances, to monetize IP rapidly which was based on our UNIQUE "IP2R" SYSTEM developed and fine-tunned over the years. This affords us the ability for a RAPID IP LIFT-OFF ON TURN-KEY BASIS,  or launch new ventures with our open innovation methodology.